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We are Yale's largest collective of software developers, product designers, and computer science enthusiasts. We're excited that you're interested in joining us!

Explore the diverse opportunities to contribute and grow with our dynamic team.

Software Developer

Develop one of the y/cs's current or up and coming products.

Catalyst Developer

Hone your development skills in a beginner friendly software program.

UI/UX Designer

Design Figma wireframes and collaborate with development teams to bring products to life.

Outreach Planner

Bring the Tech industry to Yale! Build y/cs connections to Big Tech companies.

Event Planner

Help plan Events for members of the Society. Past events include the y/cs Gala, Demo Day, Murder Mystery, and more!

Community Member

Become an active member of one of the y/cs computer science interest commmunities.

Application Process
Applications to join y/cs open at the beginning of each semester. There are three phases in the application process.
1. Written Application
Applicants are evaluated based on submitted short responses, resume and past relevant experiences.

2. Interview
Successful applicants are moved to an interview phase. Those applying for technical roles likely recieve technical questions. Not all teams require interviews.

3. Team Placement
Based on your written application and interview you are placed on a y/cs team. Some teams are competitive to join, while others are non-competitive.